Covid 19 Risk Mitigation Protocols

  1. Please do not attend your club or travel to other clubs if you have any Covid signs or symptoms or you are isolating. Additionally, refrain from attending other clubs or your own if you have a cold, cough or breathing difficulties.
  2. Chess tables should be suitably spaced from each other to minimise risks. Social distancing is advisable.
  3. Hand sanitisers should be available for use within the club.
  4. All competing clubs are expected to be compliant in wearing face coverings for both HOME and AWAY matches. The relevant guidance can be found on GOV.UK { }. Players with medical exemptions are required to inform their captains prior to matches, so appropriate measures can be put in place with the opposing team's captain.
  5. Pieces, boards and clocks should be cleaned and sanitised before and after games.
  6. You can temporarily remove your face covering to take a drink.
  7. Players should find an alternative to the traditional handshake, before and after games are completed.
  8. Please respect other players' personal space and avoid crowding crowding around another board when watching other games.
  9. At all times and in all circumstances, club players and visitors should use their common sense. Covid remains transmissible, so MINIMISE THE RISK.